Best Facial Treatments

At Eli Salon, we take the time to customize our best facial treatments to your particular skin type. This gives clients the very best facial experience, we feel.

Our trained aestheticians are able to ascertain your needs and apply the best products and serums to renew skin’s youthful vitality. There are many issues that facials can improve or eliminate: they can diminish wrinkles, control acne, moisturize dry skin and improve texture and tone. Different treatments are recommended for various skin types or issues

Dry Skin

Most people are aware that dry skin requires more moisture, and fortunately aging skin is most able to make use of the heavy creams and unguents which are most moisturizing. Best results are gotten from exfoliating beforehand. There are many types of exfoliants available, from scrubs to microdermabrasion to chemical peels. However, some exfoliants may irritate sensitive skin.

Oily Skin/Large Pores

Large pores are often noticeable due to impurities caught in them, and excessive oil production is often the result of irritants. Therefore the common facial treatment are detoxifying masks, often clay masks. It’s still important to moisturize oily skin, as dry skin will only trigger further oil production.

Dull or Rough Skin

Skin texture can be improved by gradual exfoliation, like polishing a gemstone. If your skin is rough or dull, you will want to start with gradual exfoliation — too much, too soon, and you will irritate your skin. Consult your aesthetician for more personalized advice.

We provide the utmost in service and customization for your skin’s needs. For the best facial treatments, book your appointment at Eli Salon today.