How to Find A Good Hair Stylist


A recent study found that when people experienced ‘bad hair days’ it caused them to lose self esteem and self-confidence — even to doubt their abilities at work. Given that your stylist is the one who gives you the cut you have to work with on a daily basis, having a good stylist is all the more important.

Get Referrals

There’s no better way to find a stylist who will make you happy than to use one who’s made other people happy, so ask around! Especially if someone has the cut or style you want — you know right off the bat that the stylist can do what you want.

Bring Pictures

Sometimes stylists and customers don’t speak the same language, and even if they do — have you seen how many variations there are on a simple bob? How about layers? So come armed with pictures, from as many different angles as you can, so you can show your stylist exactly what you mean.

Pick a Slow Day for a Test Run

Coming in on a saturday hoping to get a quiet chat with a stylist before she starts snipping? Everyone is in on a Saturday. Try a Wednesday morning instead, and you’re liable to get the stylist’s undivided attention, and a little bit of extra time devoted to discussing your desired look.

Remember, communication is key, so take your time about it. Your stylist might even have different suggestions, or a slightly different idea of what would look good on you, so welcome her input.

Getting a great stylist can be the start of a rewarding relationship for both of you, not to mention a lifetime of great hair days! Contact Eli Salon in Arlington, VA today at 703-237-4247 to schedule your appointment!