Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

It can be hard to have brunette hair. It’s often coarse and thick, making managing it a real chore. Styling so much hair takes a great deal of time, and dyeing it — first lightening, then overlaying more dye — can make already difficult hair a nightmare by damaging the strands.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. One of the trends we’re seeing for 2013 has to do with playing up the extremes, and in a world of blonde babes, a smoky brunette has edge and mystique.

The trick is to play up the underlying color in your hair to take the brown from one solid shade to a rich, vibrant, luscious look. Best of all, the highlights should be no more than two shades away from your natural color, so there’s no need for harsh bleaches.

Imagine that your hair is like a gorgeous hardwood table, whether it’s mahogany, ebony, ash, or maple. Wood isn’t all the same color, and it’s exactly that gradation in the wood grain that makes it so prized. It’s the same with your hair.

Whether you go red-gold, honey brown, or caramel tints, these colors will make your brown or black hair into a showstopper.

Talk to your colorist. Take pictures with you. Make sure your stylist knows how you often do your hair, because some techniques work best with wavy styles.

Come down to Eli Salon and talk with any one of our experienced colorists. We’ll take good care of you.