What Is Razor Cutting?

Razor cutting is a styling technique that uses a straight razor to cut hair. Unlike scissors, it results a more modern jagged or textured appearance, as opposed to the bluntness of scissor cuts. It is often used for straight cuts in order to make them seem softer and more natural-looking.

Razor cuts work best for people with straight or only slightly wavy hair, of medium-fine to medium coarseness. Very fine hair tends to look limp and straggly when cut with a razor, and cutting curly hair with a razor can yield unpredictable results, as we will see.

When hair is cut with a razor, the cut is made on an angle. Scissors make a straight cut across the hair shaft. Because of this angled cut, the end of the hair is more susceptible to damage, and as a result, razor cuts need more trims than scissor cuts.

Curly hair, of course, has an even surface, and razor cuts to the ends can make curls frizzy or seem even more uneven. However, razoring has one notable use for people with masses of curls — it can take out the bulk and reduce the sheer volume of hair, which is part of what makes curly hair so unmanageable.

Razor cuts are also favored for layering, as they are key to achieving that soft look.

If you are considering a razor cut, book an appointment with your stylist to discuss whether it will work for you.