Benefits of Waxing

Have you ever consider waxing instead of shaving, but you’re not sure if waxing is better? Waxing has many benefits, especially some that you will be happy with if you’re planning on having fun in the pool or on the beach this summer. Waxing can save time, money and keep hair from growing back so quickly. If you still need help deciding here are a few benefits of waxing.

Saves time: Waxing helps save time because you won’t have to get up extra early every morning to shave so you can keep looking your best.

Low maintenance: Waxing pulls the hair out from the root which makes the hair take longer to grow back. With the hair taking longer to come back, it gives you more time to just relax and not worry about little stubble appearing.

Saves money: Razors can get expensive because they need to be replaced regularly due to the fact that the blades get dull. Waxing saves you from the everyday shaving and wasting of money on razors by lasting for weeks.

Accident-proof: Shaving can cause you to cut yourself but with waxing this is not possible because you are not using sharp blades to remove the hair. Waxing also rarely causes rashes like shaving often does.

Effortless: All you have to worry about with waxing is getting to a salon, because the professionals will do the rest. Since waxing lasts for weeks, you only have to go to the salon every few weeks to keep looking your best.

Skin rejuvenation: Waxing exfoliates the skin as well as removing the hair. Exfoliating the skin helps restore it by removing old skin particles.

Removal locations: Hair removal can be very hard to do on your own depending on the location. It is impossible to remove hair from your back by yourself. Waxing lasts a long time which would help with having hard-to-reach areas done only every few weeks. Waxing also conforms to the shape and curves of your body, which makes even the hard spots to shave easy, and you won’t have to worry about cuts.

So as you can see waxing has many benefits that shaving does not offer. However if you are still concerned about the process of waxing, talk to a professional at Eli Salon today (703-237-4247) and see how they can help you look your best and not have to worry about the annoyance of shaving every day.