Hair Treatment

Arlington VA Hair Treatment
Eli Salon offers a variety of hair treatments to meet your needs. Please ask about our personalized hair consulting so we can match the right treatment for your hair type and specific needs.

Deep Conditioner Hair Treatment

Keep your hair look fresh and healthy with a Eli Salon Deep Conditioner treatment. Deep conditioning penetrates your hair shaft, restoring the natural shine of your hair. Over time your hair gets build up from the environment around you that can cause a dry scalp. A deep conditioner treatment moisturizes the scalp, keeping you from scratching and having those embarrassing flakes.

Relaxer Treatment (Softening Systems)

Do you want straight hair with lots of body? Then a Eli Salon Relaxer Treatment is just what you are looking for. Say good-bye to frizz and hello to slicker and healthier straight hair. Hair relaxers are good for ultra-curly, kinky, frizzy and coarse hair.

Japanese Thermal Relaxers

Originated in Japan, a hair system that utilizes heat, chemicals, and flat ironing to re-texture curly, frizzy, hair resulting in permanently pin-straight locks.

Hair Treatment Pricing

Deep Conditioner: $30
Relaxer: Consultation Required
Thermo-Relaxer: Consultation Required

Single Process Color: $100 & Up
Double Process Color: Consultation Required
Hair Color Correction: Consultation Required
Partial Highlights: $120 & Up
Foil Hightlights: $160 & Up
Cap Highlights: $120 & Up

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