Why You Need to Get a Facial

Looking for a good way to help you feel rejuvenated and relaxed? Try a facial. Facials can help elevate the health and look of your skin.Getting facials on a regular basis is the best way to help show off the true beauty of your skin by making it look brighter and healthier than before. Facials are great for helping you relax, which helps you both physically and mentally.

Estheticians have a wide variety of products to help your skin feel its best. After your skin is clean they can determine which products will work best with your skin type. The esthetician can also help you find the right product for you to use at home after your facial. This is a big help because there are so many products out there but not all of them work well with every skin type and this can get confusing trying to find what you need.

The esthetician will give you a professional facial. A professional facial goes through these steps (but does not always include all of them). A complete cleansing of the skin, a skin analysis, professional exfoliation, extractions of blackheads, clogged pores, and pimples if you have any, a facial massage, a treatment mask, and the application of serums, moisturizers, and sunscreens. The facial can also include a hand and arm massage and neck and shoulder massage. A professional facial takes about an hour or so to perform but it will be very relaxing and helpful.

If you break out after a facial this is not considered a real pimple. Normal pimples take at least a month to form under the skin. A breakout right after a facial could mean your skin is being irritated by the skin care products. If this is the case, next time you go in for a facial, tell the esthetician so they can find a product that works for you and that will not cause any irritation.

So if you are looking to relax, feel stress-free, and feel rejuvenated go treat yourself and your skin to a professional facial today. What do you have to lose but stress and all that unhealthy stuff that is keeping you from showing the real beauty of your skin? You’ll thank yourself afterwards when you are relaxed and stress free. Talk to an expert at Eli Salon to get all your facial needs. They can help you with all skin care and facial recommendations.