Blonde Hair colors

People always say blondes have more fun. So, if you are looking to have a little fun and change your hair color, you may want to consider one of the many variant colors of blonde. Blonde hair also known as fair hair can vary in color and is characterized by low levels of a dark color pigment called eumelain. Depending on the levels of this pigment, blonde hair can range from pale to reddish in color as well as a darker color such as dirty blonde. So, if you are thinking of dyeing your hair, and you’re not sure what color to go with, here is a list of the different colors and a professional hair colorist would also be helpful with choosing the right color for you.

• Blonde: This is just your basic blonde with no traces of any other colors such as red, brown, or gold. This is sometimes referred to as flaxen.

• Platinum blonde: Whitish blonde hair which can be natural or dyed. Platinum blonde is sometimes referred to as towheaded if it is natural color. Platinum blonde is usually a term used for dyed hair that is whitish-blonde.

• Sandy blonde: This is a cream colored blonde or a grayish hazel color blonde

• Golden blonde: This is a darker, more golden-yellow blonde

• Strawberry blonde: This is also called a honey blonde and is a reddish blonde color

• Dirty blonde: This refers to a dark blonde with brown and blonde mixed in. Dirty blonde hair colors can sometimes look brown in the winter months while in the summer months it can look dark blonde to medium blonde in color. Dirty blonde is sometimes called dishwater blonde

• Ash blonde: This is an ashen or grayish blonde color

• Bleached blonde: This is what artificially colored blonde hair is sometimes referred to when it looks almost platinum but not quite as light in color as platinum hair color does. Also known as peroxide and bottle blonde.

So, with these color options in mind, you may want to talk to a professional colorist at Eli Salon today to see how they can help you achieve the perfect color for you. The professionals at Eli Salon will be able to determine the right blonde color that will suit you best as well as make you happy. Have a little fun and change things up a bit with a new hair color!