Top 10 Nail Salon Tips

Every woman loves to get her nails done and get a pedicure. But not every one of them thinks about what can go wrong at their next appointment. If the salon doesn’t use the right disinfecting and sanitizing products it can cause you to get an infection. Here are the top ten tips to remember for your next salon visit.

  • Arrive early: Arriving 15 minutes early to your appointment will allow you time to check that the salon is clean and organized. A clean salon shows that the technicians care about their customers enough to keep everything sanitized and clean.

  • Check for license: Check for both the salon’s and the technician’s license. These should be posted next to the door of the salon.

  • Find out how the tools are sanitized: Does the salon use a UV sterilizer? If so, then you should also check to see if you see a turquoise liquid known as tuberculocidal, because a uv sterilizer does not kill bacteria. If you see the tuberculocidal, check to see if it looks cloudy. If so, it is not sanitary and needs to be changed.

  • Check the pedicure area: Do the foot baths look clean? Are they being cleaned after every use? The technician should use hot soapy water to clean the baths after every use, then fill the bath with water and a high-grade disinfectant and let it sit for at least ten minutes before it is emptied and wiped out again.

  • Check for foot bath liners: Foot bath liners are one way to help keep you from getting an infection because just cleaning the foot baths after every use is not always enough. If your salon does not have foot bath liners bring your own.

  • Is the technician washing their hands?: The technician should wash their hands as well as spray your hands with an antibacterial spray. All tools should be sanitized as well with isopropyl alcohol or antibacterial spray.

  • Clean work stations: Are the technicians cleaning and sanitizing after every person? Are the disposing of used materials as they should and replacing them with fresh new ones?

  • Don’t let your cuticles be cut: Your cuticles help prevent infection. Cutting the cuticle can cause the skin to tear which can cause infections. You can ask to have your cuticles lightly pushed back or to just leave them as they are.

  • Does your salon provide every customer with their own file bag?: A file bag is another good way to help fight infection. They provide each customer with their own tools that only they use. Each bag is labeled for that individual customer. The tools are sanitized after every use and placed in a non-airtight bag ready for next time.

  • Consider going to a med spa: If you still are concerned about getting an infection, a med spa is another option for your next appointment. Med spas are supervised by a physician. This guarantees that all equipment is clean and sterilized before and after every person.

If you’re looking to get a manicure or pedicure or both remember these helpful tips before your next visit and you will have nothing to worry about.  So if you want your nails to look and feel great talk to an experienced technician at Eli Salon today.