The Hair Color Correction Process

Color correction is the process of addressing mistakes in the hair coloring process. Color correction is undertaken when the results of coloring were not what the client intended or desired.
Color correction takes an experienced stylist because once dye has been applied once, subsequent additions of dye are soaked up faster by the hair. This means that you will need someone with a lot of experience with hair, dyes, and coloring chemicals to oversee the process and know how best to correct the problem and how long the correction can be allowed to sit for.

First the stylist must assess the difference between what the client wanted and what the dye actually did with her hair. Did it interact with previous color treatments? With a shampoo or rinse? Did the bleach simply fail to get the hair as light as desired, or did it turn out brassy or ashy? Was the dye not mixed properly, or was it an application problem?

An experienced stylist will be able to tell which of these variations caused the change and generally be able to correct for it. Too-dark hair can be lightened (carefully), too-light hair can have low-lights added. The various shading difficulties (too brassy, ashy, purple or orange) can usually be mitigated if not completely fixed.

The hair color correction process is complex, and requires a skilled stylist, so don’t go to just anybody. Come to the world-class stylists at Eli Salon.