2013 Hair Color and Highlights Trends

If we had to choose one word for the 2013 color trends we’re seeing, it would be “edgy.” These looks all tend towards the extreme and scream sassy! bold! confident! loud and clear. Here are the top three color and highlight trends:

Ombre and Reverse Ombre

The ombre look, dark at the root and lightening towards the tip, has been going strong for some time. This year, in and added twist, we’re seeing the reverse ombre as well, light at the roots and dark towards the ends. It’s at once traditional and unexpected, and an edgy look for the hip professional.

Punk Rock Princess

Bold color is coming online, with shades of purple, blue, teal, pink or green getting some real traction on the runway. But it’s not a standard dye job. We’re seeing bold, contrasting stripes, as well as dipped ends and rainbow streaks, in addition to the traditional solid color.

These looks will pair well with other runway trends like ethereal styling and the focus on adornments like pins, brushes and tiaras

Extremes: Snow White and Black Beauty

For the more standard hair colors, we’re seeing two equally striking looks that are hot, hot, hot. The first is going coal black. Night-dark tresses add instant glamor and sophistication to any look. The other is platinum blond — it’s the hardest color to maintain, but it turns heads everywhere you go!

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