Facial Beauty with Spa Treatments

Facials have become synonymous with ‘pampering’, and they are indeed a luxurious experience with a good esthetician. However, facials are not just good for your well-being, they are good for your skin.

Everyday your face is bombarded with UV rays, pollutants and dirt, and the oils in your skin make them stick, drawing them deep into your pores where it’s hard to get at with ordinary cleansing. In addition, the soaps and cleansers you use may be upsetting the pH balance of your skin, further exacerbating the problem.

A facial is primarily a good, deep cleanse performed by an esthetician trained in the best techniques for caring for skin.

Many people have no skin care regimen or a regimen that is unsuitable for their skin type. Your esthetician will put together a suitable regimen for you, based on your habits. If you are a ‘wash and go’ woman, she will not put you on an 8-step routine. She will take your preferences into account.

A facial begins with a steam bath for your face in order to soften the skin and open the pores. Then the skin is exfoliated, cleansed, and toned, and the esthetician will remove any blackheads you may have. Then you will receive a mud mask during which time you may receive a scalp or hand massage. There are variations on this routine, but that is the standard pattern for a facial.

After a facial, your skin will be luminous and clear, with all the dull, dead skin cells removed. For best results, repeat monthly so that your skin will always look its best.