Hair Color Trends for Summer

Summertime is here and it’s the perfect time to let loose and try the types of colors you wouldn’t normally. Because it’s summer! Live a little. Here are our favorite color picks to make summer fun


Bronde is the fusion of brown and blonde in a playful mix that gives dark-haired ladies a playful vibe and blondes some sang-froid. It’s a color that can be suited to any skin tone and is ultra-low maintenance.


Summer is the perfect time for that sun-kissed look, but no one wants to damage their skin and tresses by baking too many hours in the sun. That’s where balayage comes in — strategic highlights at the top of the head and front of the face gives you the beach bunny look without courting skin cancer.


Dip dying is easy and fun, totally in keeping with the summer vibe. And if you get tired of the color it grows out more quickly than most color jobs. By October you’ll be able to hop on the next trend!

Color Splash

Just a hunk of hair, dyed an eye-catching color, can definitely become a statement piece. A bold and youthful look, and so much fun.

Ever-popular Ombre

The ombre is a mainstay. Dark at the roots, lightening towards the tips — it’s a color job that just says “summer”. Maybe it’s because we’ve come to associate it with all those Brazilian beauties, I don’t know.

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